About The Prophet Bar

THE PROPHET BAR – Transcending Music in Deep Ellum for 30 years – Housed in the Legendary Historic District of Deep Ellum Texas
The Prophet Bar has been around a long time, but every week we showcase great touring  bands and local original live bands weekly – Full Service Bar and Grill– All Ages, All the Time
Snarky Puppy, La Dispute, He Is Legend, Emily King, Meat Puppets, Black Crows, Lumineers, and many more
The Prophet Bar opened in 1985, spearheading the legendary Deep Ellum art and music scene. Russell Hobbs’ vision was and still is to make and promote art, music and theatre in its purest form whether it is profitable or not. As the hub of a buzzing scene, The Prophet Bar enabled the Theatre Gallery financially. Today The Prophet Bar continues to lead the scene in innovation bringing the newest touring bands to town and giving local artists a place to create.
Dallas has always been searching for its identity, to be more than a trading post on the Trinity River. So what if JFK died here, so what if JR lied here, and so what if Jerry Jones wins another Super Bowl, (well we all do but in the grand scheme of things…) In a city obsessed with status toys, trophy wives, and designer drugs, The Prophet Bar stirred up Dallas and made waves by challenging its belief systems with controversial booking, provocative advertising, and promoting a counter-culture of seekers. The Prophet Bar message to seek truth, be real, and leave the cloning at the mall behind resonated with Dallas and multitudes converged upon Deep Ellum. The Prophet Bar became the epitome of a movement, much like the 60’s, where a generation was saying, “There must be more”. The Prophet challenged the city with music, theatre and special events transcending the traditional bar scene. Music leads culture and the Deep Ellum scene changed Dallas. Many bands got their start at The Prophet Bar and have gone on to great success. Russell named Reverend Horton Heat, hosted The New Bohemians, TimBuk3, Mo Jo Nixon, Screaming Jay Hawkins, the True Believers, the Smithereens, and many more.
Deep Ellum was born, has died, and has been resurrected many times. The Prophet Bar was instrumental in the resurrection of Deep Ellum which became the cool art and music scene in the early 1980s. Deep Ellum is resurrecting once again with the elements that have always stood the test of time. Inspired Live Music, Raw Inspiration, and Real People.
Google the history of Deep Ellum. In the 1860’s, when the slaves were set free they established their own “Freedman’s Town” east of downtown, there was hope and liberty. People were inspired to make a better life. The oppression was still a reality it just changed forms from steel chains to segregation and soon hopelessness set in. The new Freedman’s Town was singing spirituals and the blues and became known as “Deep Ellum”. Blind Lemon Jefferson, Led Belly, Lightning Hopkins and many more played in Deep Ellum. Today, Dallas has millions of slaves in bondage to materialism, dead religion, and lust. The Prophet Bar still operates in the liberating spirit of Freedman’s Town for those who love art and music and will dare to step out of the parade of the status quo.
Learn more about Russell David Hobbs, Click Here russelldavidhobbs.com